Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tips to keep your teeth white and your smile bright!!

To keep your teeth white only brushing twice and going to dentist for polishing teeth is not enough. You need to take some more precautions for that. Like:

  • The cool-drinks and juices we drink makes our teeth yellow so when you drink anything like that make sure of using a straw.
  • Tea and coffee also makes teeth yellow, you may just wash your mouth after drinking them. See to it that you don`t drink much of them.
  • Make a habit of eating apple and carrot. When you chew them they work as a brush on your teeth and helps them look white.  
  • Lips do makes difference in the look of teeth so make sure that your lips are moister.
  • When you brush with toothpaste sprinkle a lil bit of baking soda and 4-5 drops water and brush it acts as natural whitener. Do this once a month 


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dhana lakshmi said...

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maria william said...

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dhana lakshmi said...

Hey Maria!! Thanku for stopping by! Glad that this post was that useful. :)

Suresh V said...

These tips are quite informative. I'll try to follow them in the long run. I look forward for great articles from you in future. Keep writing. I wish you good luck.

dhana lakshmi said...

Thnku Suresh For ur support!!! :)

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