Saturday, 29 December 2012

Beauty with curd!!

Curd helps us in many ways. Not only it works good inside the body but also works good outside.
Here are some tips using curd:

Apply plain curd to face and wash off after 15min. Lactic and alpha hydroxides inside curd improves skin tone and also makes skin smooth. Also you may add honey, lemon juice and saffron to curd.
Adding dry Orange peal powder to curd and applying will give faster results. This will make skin smooth and glowing within few days.

Pimples: Apply sour yogurt and wash it off after 15 min. this will help in reducing pimples. Or you may add 2tsp curd, 2tsp aloe vera fresh gel, 2tsp turmeric and 2tsp  lemon juice. mix it well and apply on pimples. Yogrut contains Vitamin B which protects skin from pimples.

Dandruff: Add pepper powder to curd and apply to scalp. this will help keeping hair dandruff free, strong and smooth. You may also add Fenugreek powder and onion juice to curd and apply to scalp and wash off after 1hr.

Gain weight: To those people who are very thin and want to gain a lil weight curd will help you. Add 100gms of curd and sugar(itz upto you how much sweet you want it to be) eat it twice a day. This will defiantly help you.

Smooth Hands: Add lemon juice to a glass of curd and keep it in refrigerator for few hours. Now apply this to hands and fingers and massage well and wash off. Hands will become soft. You may keep the remaining curd in refrigerator and use it again.

Vitamins: Curd have potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, Iodine, Zing, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12... that our body needs. To improve redblood cells and make them work properly Vitamin B12 is essential. It can be obtained from chicken or meat. But if you are a vegetarian then Curd is there to help you out. It contains Vitamin B12.


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