Saturday, 20 October 2012

How to make kajal

Garlic juice
A new cotton cloth which is washed and dried
sesame oil
deep bowl(clay bowl)
copper or clay bowl


 Dip the cotton cloth in garlic juice and let it dry then dip it again and dry it . Do this until  the garlic juice is over. Now cut the cloth into 4 pieces. Make diyas by using this cloth. Light the diya using sesame oil. And keep a copper or clay bowl above the diya so that the soot is collected on the bowl. Repeat the process until the whole cloth is finished. Now collect the soot collected on the bowl. Add enough ghee to it so that it becomes fine paste. And also add karpur. Now store in a air tight jar or box and use as regular kajal.   


Amanda Ong said...

what is kajal actually? and what are diyas.. sry but i really duno...

dhana lakshmi said...

Thanku for stoping by!!!

kajal is eye liner or u may know it as kohl
Diya is earthen lamp u can see that in the 1st pic.

Anamika Sureka said...

Hi Dhana,
Above pictures have been taken from our website
without our permission.All out images are copyrighted so please remove them before we take further action.thanks

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