Saturday, 20 October 2012


Aloe Vera Halwa
 Fresh Aloe Vera Gel - 400g
Sugar crystals           - 400g
Wheat flour              - 100g
Ghee                         - 100g
Honey                      - 100g

First pour some ghee in a pan and add Aloe Vera gel as the ghee melts. Now fry the Aloe Vera for some time. As it gets fry let it cool and grind it to fine paste. now add 400g sugar crystal to it and put it on stove. As sugar turns into syrup add wheat flour and remaining ghee. Boil until the whole water evaporates. Turn off the stove and let it be cool and add honey when it is lukewarm.

 Take it at night. don1t eat anything before and after 1-2hrs.
For younger ones 1/4 tsp
For Adults 1/2tsp 

Jana Kalpavalli

 Dry Ginger Powder   - 50g
Long pepper Powder  - 50g
pepper powder            - 50g
Gall Nut powder         - 50g
Saindhava lavanam(saindha namak) powder- 50g

MIx them and store.

How to use:
Add the above prepared powder 10g to 30g aloe vera gel and add 1/2 cup water or milk. Drink this every morning with empty stomach. 


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