Friday, 31 August 2012

Strong Teeth

1) Brush your teeth with achyranthes aspera (uttareni) root.

                                                                   Achyranthes Aspera

2) Gargle with sesame oil. 
Soak neem tree bark in a glass of water for 24hrs and boil the water to half then remove the bark from water and gargle when it is lukewarm.

3) Prepare bhasmam of cotton seeds by roasting them in earthen kadai or mud kadai. 
Brush with this bhasmam powder once a month will keep u away from tooth cavity, tooth warms and other infections of teeth.

4) For tooth pain use achyranthes aspera leaves juice. For pain in right side teeth then pour 4-5 drops   
of this Juice  and for left side pour in right ear and then open your mouth wide holding your ear close.
Warms from paining tooth will come out along with saliva.

5) Exercises for strong teeth:
 i)  Join your teeth together and breath through teeth for 20 times.
 ii) Bite teeth for 20 times
iii) Rub teeth from right to leftside continuously for like 20times.
            Doing this regularly keep teeth healthy.


Suresh V said...

Very informative post. One should not neglect the teeth. Thanks for sharing this info.

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