Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Home remedies for hair

1) Due to being in sun or not appling oil our hair gets split ends. For that, add 1 cup curd, 1tsp lemon juice, egg white, olive oil, very ripe banana paste mix them and apply to hair. Wash after it gets dry. do this once a week.
2) Take some mint leaves boil it in some water and apply the water to hair and wash after 10 mints then apply raw milk and coconut milk in same quantities and wash it after 10min with lukewarm water.
3) After taking so much of care our hair still remains dry. For this apply coconut oil with karpur. apply it lukewarm. and after half-an-hour apply a paste of curd and methe. (sock mint seeds overnight). doing this once a week makes your hair shine and silky.
4) For dandruf add 4tsp sandal powder to rose petals paste, 2tsp curd and 2tsp milk and mix well and apply to scalp and hair and wash hair after half-an-hour.


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