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Ayurveda remedy for heal cracks!!

Honey Rosin or honey wax  ---  100g
River mangrove(guggilam)    ---- 100g
Jiguru matti                          ---- 100g
Jaggery                                --- 100g
coconut oil                          ---  100g
Ghee                                   --- 100g
Honey                                 --- 100g

How to make:

Melt honey wax on a very low flame and strain it in a bowl. Now let it cool and add the other ingredients one by one when the wax is luke warm. Mix well all the ingredients and also add Borneo-camphor(pacha karpuram) and let it dry in air. Now it will become like a cream.  Apply it on cracks.

Cumin           ---100g
Coriander      --- 100g
Sugar crystal  --- 100g

 Make cumin, coriander and sugar crystals powder. mix all of them and store

Take 1/2 tsp 3 times a day and drink a glass water.
This will not only cures cracks but also reduces heat and burning sensation in stomach.

Honey Wax                               --- 100g
Saindhava Lavanam(Rock salk) --- 100g
River mangrove                         --- 100g
Jiguru matti                                --- 100g
jaggery                                      --- 100g
honey                                        --- 100g
ghee                                          --- 100g

Melt honey wax on a low flame and strain it and let it cool. Now add all the ingredients one by one and mix well all of them and also add Borneo-Camhor (pacha karpoorram) and let it dry in air .It will now become like cream. Apply it on cracks.

Turmeric                ---- 50g
karpur                    ---- 50g
tulasi leaves powder --- 50g

Make powder of the above ingredients and store.

Take some fresh Aloe Vera gel and deep it in water and wash for 7 times now add the powder and make paste and apply to cracks as a pack before going to bed and plaster it or cover with a cloth and wash in the morning.


Daljeet Kaur said...

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