Sunday, 28 October 2012

Beauty with saffron

Glowing Skin:
Mix 1tsp sandal powder, 2-3 saffron petals, 2tsp milk. And apply it to face and neck. wash it off with cold water after half-an-hour. Doing this once in a week make skin glow.

Remove Dark Spots:
Sock 2 saffron petals in 1tsp honey for sometime. Now add 1tsp curd to it and mix well. Apply it to face and neck. Wash as it dries. Doing this not only removes dark spots and also deeply cleanses the skin.

Improve Skin Tone:
Sock saffron petals in milk for 2 hrs. Apply this milk to whole body after it get dries wash off. Also you may try applying milk cream adding saffron and turmeric.

Fresh Skin:
Sock 3 saffron petals in 1tsp water over night. On the next morning mix 1tsp milk, 1tsp sugar, 2 drops Olive Oil. Mix them all well and apply it to whole body. Take bath after sometime.


Rasa nandini said...

Really nice tips Dhans...loved the tips..

Sukanya said...

nice post

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