Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Beauty with Orange

   We all want to be beautiful. But in this busy schedule many wont get much time to take care of their skin. These people want fast results in lesser time. So ORANGE is the best solution for get beautiful skin in less time.  

 For Glowing skin: 

                                   Because of  dust skin becomes dull. For that, Dry orange peel  and make powder out of it. Now Take 2tsp of orange peel powder, milk, tsp of sandal powder mix them and apply it to face and neck. wash it off after 20 min. 

For Soft skin: 

                                  Take 2tsp of orange peel powder, 1tsp olive oil, 2tsp moong flour and mix them well. Apply it to body and remove by rubbing all over then take bath by adding 2tsp of honey.
This turns skin soft.

For Oily Skin: 

                               Take 3tsp of orange juice, 1tsp of oat meal powder, 1 tsp honey and mix them well. Now apply it to face and neck and massage for 5min then wash it off  as it dries. Doing this twice a week help your skin to be fresh.

For Good Skin Tone: 

                               Take same quantity of orange juice and lemon juice and add 2drops of honey mix and apply twice a day. Wash as it gets dry. It will give good results.

For Dark Circles: 

                            Sleeplessness, triedness etc results black circles under eyes. For getting rid from this mix some milk in orange juice. Deep cotton in it and  rub under eyes. Do it very often it will reduce black circles for sure.


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