Thursday, 6 September 2012

Spa at Home

  Spa is very common word in today`s world. Here i want to share so tips so that you can do spa at home.

                                                   The room in which you are doing Spa should be peaceful. Light the few candles which gives great aroma in the room. Play light music for a good and peaceful feeling in the room and also keep a bowl of water and add 2-3 drops of your favorite perfume and some rose petals. If we do spa in such conditions then we can have a peaceful mind
                                          Before undergoing spa give rest to tried body by laying in bath tub which have few drops of lavender oil and some rose petals.
                                        Following are some home remedies for Spa:
Glow face with fruits: First of all take a blow and have half cup strawberries juice in it and mix 1tsp honey and 2tsp rose petals. Apply this to face and massage gently with finger tips clock wise and anti-clockwise. Wash it off after 10min.
Spa Massage: Add all real fruit paste(this will be available in market) , 1tsp honey and 2tsp rose petals and apply it to face and neck. Massage it for 20min and wash off. then take same quantity of almond oil and sea fish oil and massage for 10min and wash off.This gives a fresh look.
Bath-powder: Take Chickoo paste add rose petals apply it by gives strokes to face and massage for 10mins wash off then get steam to your face until u r sweat then dry face with a soft towel.
Pack: Add multani mitti, 1/2tsp Indian Sarsaparilla (hindi- kapuri, telugu- sugandi pala) powder,pinch of saffron and raw milk mix them as a paste and apply it to face and neck. Cover eyes and lips with rose petals after 15min wash off
Chocolate for Hands: Take some lukewarm water and add rock salt, shampoo, lemon juice, 4-5 drops of lavender oil and some rose petals and sock hands for 20min in it. now clean nails and massage with chocolate cleanser for 10min and wash off. Then apply chocolate scrub wash after 10mints. then get steam your hands. Dry them with a soft towel and apply lukewarm chocolate wax and chocolate pack over it after half-an-hour remove the paper and apply any cream.
Chocolate Paste: Chocolate powder 50g, sugar powder 4tsp, butter 1tsp, 2 eggs (use egg white only) mix them all and it ready to apply.
Stone Spa for Stomach:  Take grape flavoured cleanser and massage for 10min on stomach and wash off to clean it. Then massage with strawberry scrub for 10min and wash off. Then dip a cloth in lukewarm water and pat on stomach. Take some soft spa stones and make them lukewarm and massage with them for 10min. Take same quantity of safflower oil and vertiver aroma oil mix them and massage on stomach with this oil for 10 min. Then apply mud pack to it and wash after getting dry.
Flower therapy for feet: Take a tub and pour wate 1/4 to it and add rock salt, shampoo, 1tsp vinegar, 1/2tsp lavender oil, some marigold petals, some Camomile petals, some rose petals and some jasmine petals. Sock feet for 20min. Rub feet with pumice stone and clean nails with cuticle cutter. then massage with Spa jasmine cleanser for 10min and wash off then massage with rose scrub and wash then get steam for feet. Now apply Pista wax from knee to toe and cover with rose petals and round up tightly with a cloth and after half-an-hour remove the cloth and  clean the wax by massaging gently. Now wash off and apply lotion.  


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