Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Take care of your Hair in rain

Rainy season!!! Wow!! is the feeling of taking walk in rain, Right? But getting wet often in rain is not good for hair. Pollution in the air get mixed in rain. And it effects our hair when we get wet in rain. Normally hair fall per day is 50-60. But when it gets wet in rain it increases 100 or more than that. That`s why whenever we get wet in rain, the first thing we have to do is dry your hair. And wash your hair as soon as possible and dry it. It`s good to have a head bath every time you get wet in rain. Otherwise it may cause bacteria, fungus which cause itching and dandruff. It`s even better to use conditioners. In this season applying oil atleast once a weak is good for hair. apply hair pack once a weak containing egg, olive oil, and curd. Simple and short hair is better this season. Straight hair is better than curly hair. Avoid the use of gel and sprays before going out. Avoiding coloring your hair is also good in this season. Ding all these can help your hair from damage from rain. 
        So, enjoy rain and be safe and be beautiful!!!      


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